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“Help our Teachers to Help our Kids: Be a Project Sponsor!”

Many of our teachers and staff have creative and innovative ideas for new ways to meet the needs of our children. However, they need to find funds to purchase special equipment and materials, or to have their students participate in unique learning experiences. These ideas may be the keys to unlocking the potential in our children!

Interested sponsors can fund an entire project or make a donation towards the funding of a project by submitting a Project Sponsor form to the Apex Elementary PTA Donor Coordinator.

Donations can be sent to

Apex Elementary PTA
700 Tingen Road, Apex, NC 27502, ATTENTION Donor Coordinator.
   Please make checks payable to Apex Elementary P.T.A.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact
Rebecca Muscaro

NOTE: Requests for basic classroom supplies (such as markers, craft items,
erasers or zip top bags) and other small items can be found on the PTA Wishlist.

ID No. 961 10-5
Mrs. Barber, Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Bradham

Kindly consider our request for areplacement toaster and electric teapot used by many staff members at lunch and arrival. Both items are past their prime (10 years or better) and pose a real danger to the toast eaters/tea sippers among us. Thank you for your consideration.
                                                                     Toaster$25.00 / Electric teapot $50.00
                                                                                                           TOTAL $75.00

ID No. 960 9-15

Fountas and Pinnell Benchmark Assessment Kits, 2nd edition
These kits will allow 4th and 5th graders access to kits that aid in assessing their reading and comprehension abilities.

                                                                                Kit #1 and Kit #2 for 4th Grade
                                                                                Kit #1 and Kit #2 for 5th Grade
                                                         TOTAL COST: ($375.00 per kit) $1,500.00
ID No.959 9-15
Mrs. Nuckols will be instructing literacy groups for high achieving students. AIG identified children need to possess, not share, a copy of the following books:
Title # Copies Title # Copies
A Family Apart 5 The Egyptian Game 3
Shades of Grey 13 The Westing Game 9
The Little Prince 13 Island of the Blue Dolphins 5
A Wrinkle in Time 23 The Cay 5
When You Reach Me 23    
                                                                                                TOTAL: $500-$550

ID No. 0955 - 9/14
Science Field Trip to Sound to Sea
Mr. Faulhaber, Mrs. Hale, Mr. Veeder and Mrs. Stangler

  Fourth grade would like to request help with funding for our Sound to Sea field trip to the coast of North Carolina.   One of the most wonderful things about the outdoor environmental education that Sound to Sea offers is whatever we as educators try to teach, nature can do better.  Just being in the habitat which is being discussed makes the subject much more immediate to students.  Working in small groups, Sound to Sea Instructors take a dry, yet important, subject like population dynamics and create a running game where the students take on the part of an animal or its predator.  This is just but one small example of the numerous ways the staff of Sound to Sea foster a love of learning science.  As one student wrote, “I had so much fun; I didn’t even notice I was learning.”  In the Habitat portion, students study the Sound/Salt Marsh by donning waders and finding creatures in that habitat, learn about the adaptations of various animals that live the various tidal zones of the beach, explore the maritime forest and learn about limiting factors that help create the strange but beautiful habitat, learn about pond succession & use discovery scopes to get a closer look at the myriad adaptations of the plants and animals that live in the pond, and each student get the opportunity to explore the anatomy & physiology through the hands-on dissection of a squid.  The learning does not stop when class is over.  By interacting with groups at the dining tables and in cabins or classes, students begin to value their place within a community and realize how one individual affects others developing a sense of independence and responsibility.
   How can you help the 120 fourth graders participate in this wonderful program?  By helping with the cost of transportation. it would help each child by making the trip more of a reality.  The cost of transportation ($2,250.00 per trip) adds around $60 to the cost of each child’s tuition. Since we must guarantee the trip to all, regardless of their ability to pay, the school must make up the difference in receipts.  This is a field trip Dr. Crissman and the rest of the staff are committed to providing for our 4th graders.  By helping with this trip, you will be helping to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for each fourth grader.

2 trips @ $2,250 each
TOTAL COST: $4,500.00

ID NO. 953 (9-14)
Bailey Mini 22" Table Roller

Clay is drawn through two steel rollers which turn at a one-to-one ratio. The tremendous force required to compress the clay is equalized between the two rollers. This two roller process insures that the thickness of the finished slab remains perfectly even from side to side. Because the Dual Roller Drive process draws the clay through the stationary machine, the operator can stand in a stationary upright position and turn the drive wheel.

                                                                             TOTAL: $470.00 plus shipping

ID. NO. 946 (9-14)
KINDERGARTEN TEAM: Mrs. Carr, Mrs. McLaurin, Mrs. Meluch, Mrs. Reagan
, Ms. Reid
The Kindergarten team would like to request the following items to support our use of technology and 21st century learning by utilizing our iPads to the best use in our classrooms.

We would love 3 more iPads per class for more student touches and use during center time.
2 iPads per classroom....................................................... 10 @ (each) $500.00
   TOTAL to equip each class with 2 additional iPads ...........................$5000.00

ID NO. 935
MRS. D'Jernes, CCR Teacher
Apple iPad 2, Doggle cord (connect to Promethean Board) and iPad Skin
An iPad will allow my classes the opportunity to have an interactive learning experience with the use of multiple technological devices. The iPad will connect to the Promethean board and allow modeled, guided instruction. the students can visually interact with the school's iPods in class. They can also create and present projects and manipulate applications independently, in cooperative groups or as a whole group for all subject areas.

                                                           TOTAL: $500.00 plus misc. accessories

ID NO. 948 (9-14)
MRS. MORRISON, Speech Teacher
Apple iPad and iPad Skin
There are iPad apps that target apraxia, articulation, language, pragmatic skills and functional communication. many children, especially those with autism, are more motivated by interacting with an iPad that paper and pencil activities. When using the iPad as a recording device, children can watch themselves making sounds in real time. They can also look back at a recorded interaction and judge their speech or interaction skills

                                                                                                TOTAL: $530.00

ID NO. 949 (10-14)
MRS. Tovarek, Pre-K Special Programs Teacher
AbleNet Little Step-by-Step Communicator
I am a teacher for special needs preschoolers who are developmentally delayed. The students in my class have a strong desire to communicate but lack the verbal skills to do so. The AbleNet Little Step-by-Step Communicator will help give my students a "voice" and help them begin to understand how to communicate with others. It will also be a valuable teaching tool to use when targeting IEP goals during daily instruction and circle time. The Step-by-Step Communicator can also be used in conjunction with computer software via the Switch interface which acts as a larger, easier-to-use mouse for students with various fine motor delays. The Judy Lynn software is specifically designed for students with cognitive delays.

                                     AbleNet Little Step-by-Step Communicator 6 @ $155.00
                                                                                         Switch interface 94.99
                                                   Judy Lynn Software, beginner's bundle 139.00
                                             Step Scanning Capability Version 3 Bundle 329.00
                                                                                               TOTAL $1492.99 


ID NO. 958 - (Partially Funded December 2014)
MRS. SMITH, Special Programs K-3 Teacher
Various Language Arts items as listed below.
The items I have requested are related to language arts which include reading and writing. The activities include intervention instruction designed to focus on basic skills needed for a solid foundation in literacy skills. These include, but not limited to, phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, phonics, decoding, fluency, reading comprehension and writing skills. Many of the activities are used with Response to Instruction (RtI), which is used in Wake County, NC and across the nation. This problem-solving, tiered approach relies on prevention to ensure the highest possible student achievement in academic skills. It is crucial for my special needs students, who have learning disabilities, to receive intense instruction and interventions in their areas of weakness. In addition, differentiated instruction can be used in order to meet the individual needs of each student. They can work independently or in small groups. Most of the requested resources incorporate the use of multi-sensory skills which research has proven increases retention of skills being taught. By using these resources, my students gain accuracy and automaticity of vital skills.
EZread Sandpaper Tactile Letters $19.00
Follow Along Dry Erase Letters 24.99
alpha Catch 29.99
Soft Touch Dice 12.99
My Blends/Digraphs Storybooks 95.99
My Consonant Storybooks 125.99
Everyday Phonics Intervention Activities (Grades K-1-2) 47.97
Make A Word Center: Dolch Words (Pre-Primer, Primer) 59.98
Reader's Theater, Set 1 and Set 2 143.28
See Spot Spell 16.99
Sentence Building Dominos 24.99
Reading Comprehension Flip Chart 29.99
Pick a Stick Question Kit 24.99
Fundations Reference Charts 21.00
Story Books Set 1, 2nd edition 45.00
Fundations T. Manual Levels K-1-2 267.00
Home Support Pack-K, Pack-1, Pack-2 82.00
WRS Student Reader 1 45.00
Large Writing Grid 20.00
                               TOTAL (plus shipping/handling/sales tax) $1131.13

ID NO. 950 - (Funded December 2014)
MS. MITCHUM, First Grade Teacher
Word for Word-Building Game
A game to help the students build words using letter reading rods. The game can be played with multiple students and multiple levels of challenge. Expertly leveled books integrate literacy instruction with interesting facts, science and gorgeous illustrations.
     The game targets phonemic awareness and phonics skills that are vital to learning how to read. The letter cubes provide hands-on experiences and visual clues that have been proven to help students with learning issues.

                                                                Word for Word-Building Game $32.99
                                                                                               shipping/tax 9.00
                                                                                                  TOTAL $42.99

ID NO 941 and NO. 942 -(Funded December 2014)
MRS. BOLEBRUCH, Fifth Grade Teacher

ID. NO. 941
3-Large Folding Rectangular Tables (60")..................................$59.99 each
     Available at Office Max
ID NO. 942
2-Wolfe CFL Educational Microscopes.......................................$246.00 each

     Our 5th Grade science classes are very large this year. We could really use the supplies above so that every child would have a chance to to use supplies to set up more experiments! We also would love to have the barometers for our 5th Grade weather unit. The microscope would help with the ecosystem and human body units.

ID No. 952 - (Funded December 2014)
Cougar Store and Pizza Lunches
   Our Cougar Store and Pizza Lunches are held on a monthly basis. Students earn Cougar Cash in CCR for exceptional behavior, work habit skills, responsibility, and effort. Each month students earn the oportunity to spend their Cougar Cash for reward prizes, game day (social skills), or a pizza lunch. Students learn responsibility for their actions as well as making choices for appropriate spending, saving and change-making.
   During the Cougar Store day, students apply their math skills to add their purchase sum and calculate any change returned. Game Day and Pizza Lunch is used to enhance, practice and develop social and language skills with various peers while building self-esteem.
ID No. 0956 (Funded December 2014)
Book Sets of 15:
        Bud, Not Buddy ($75/15 bks.)
        Number the Stars ($75/15 bks.)
        Esperanza Rising ($90/15 bks.)
        The Giver ($90/15 bks.)
Science You Can't See .....................................................................($35.00)
   Blending science and language arts for 4th grade.
Challenge Math Projects........................................................................($50)
   Helps students "see" the math they are developing in problem solving.
Athenian Secret......................................................................................($70)
   A simulation of a Greek treasure hunt requiring fundamental arithmetic operation,
    logic and problem solving.
Invent .....................................................................................................($60)
   A simulation of inventors and the invention process.

ID NO. 954 (Funded December 2014)
MRS. HALE, 4th Grade Teacher
My classes would benefit greatly with the purchast of new games and building "toys" for students to use to build critical thinking skills and cooperation during indoor recess and earned free time. Our current classroom games have missing parts and have generally worn out. Games such as Legos, K'Nex, Construx, Battleship, Word games, Connect Four and matching games would be ideal for building critical thinking, problem solving, team work and strategizing.

                         Replacement games and building sets  TOTAL: $150-$200.00
KINDERGARTEN TEAM: Mrs. Carr, Mrs. Cuni, Mrs. McLaurin, Mrs. Meluch, Mrs. Reagan
The Kindergarten team would like to request the following items to support our use of technology and 21st century learning by utilizing our iPads to the best use in our classrooms. To do so, we need the following items:

ID. NO. 945

Ear-covering Headphone sets ......................20-four per class @ (each) $20.14
Splitters to allow 2 headphones per iPad ......10-two per class @ (each) $ 5.00
                                                                                                   TOTAL $500.00
ID. NO. 941
Mrs. Bolebruch, Fifth Grade Teacher
6-Junior Barometers ..................................................................TOTAL $250.00

ID NO. 936
Cougar Store and Pizza Lunches

The Cougar Store and Pizza Lunches are held on a monthly basis. Students earn Cougar Cash in CCR for exceptional behavior, work habit skills, responsibility, and effort. Each month students earn the opportunity to spend their Cougar Cash for reward prizes, game day (social skills), or a pizza lunch. Students learn responsibility for their actions as well as making choices for appropriate spending, saving, and change-making.
   During the Cougar Store day, students apply their math skills to add their purchases and calculate any change. Game Day and Pizza Lunch is used to enhance, practice, and develop social and language skills with peers while building self-esteem.

                                                  $50.00 per month (cost of pizza and supplies)
                                                                               TOTAL: $600.00 per year

ID NO. 932
FIRST GRADE TEAM:Bell, Gaffney, Mitchum, Totten and Weitzel
Sponsorship for Annual First Grade Zoo Trip
A trip to the NC Zoological Park, scheduled for April 2014, can foster a unique educational adventure. The zoo experience can promote an understanding of ecological relationships, promote an awareness of vital connections between humans and the environment, help in naming animal species and interpreting animal behavior.

                                                                       Zoo Trip Sponsorship $300.00

ID NO. 951
MS. MITCHUM, First Grade Teacher
Guided Science Readers Super Set: Animals
The leveled reading books teach reading and science simultaneously with real photographs. The books cover levels A-D (levels 1-6). The Topics include bats, whales, butterflies, fish, frogs, penguins, etc.
     The leveled reading books will help the students to read common high-frequency words in real life, informational text. The students can read, comprehend and respond to informational text on their instructional reading level. The books will be used in 5 first graded classes.
                                                                                               TOTAL $300.00

ID NO. 944
Mrs. Hale, Mr. Faulhaber, Ms. Lee, Mrs. Veeder and Mrs. Stangler

Fourth grade Teachers would like to use North Carolina Studies Weekly-a weekly magazine for young students of North Carolina history as the resource to present our Social Studies curriculum this year. The magazines are written in a kid-friendly newspaper/magazine format and come with online activities to enhance learning. These magazines make incorporating the Social Studies curriculum into the reading program much easier.
     Current Social Studies text is written above fourth grade reading level and is very overwhelming to most 4th graders. The magazine presents the information and follows the common core objectives in an exciting kid-friendly format.
     The cost is more affordable at the 130 level.
                                                        $4.74 per 130 students TOTAL: $616.20
                                                                                plus shipping and handling
ID No. 0929
MRS. BELL, First Grade Teacher
Seat Sack

Designed to slide over the back of a student's chair, Seat Sack provides plenty of instant personal storage for books, papers, school suppies and more with its integrated pocket.
    Our students have tables, not desks. Having their books at their seats, keeps student learning-time first, instead of wasting time distributing books, etc. Thank you for considering this purchase for our classroom!

ID NO. 931
FIRST GRADE TEAM: Bell, Gaffney, Mitchum, Totten and Weitzel
Animals in Danger (60 books, 6 each of 10 titles)
Oxford Reading Tree Stories (Pack B, 90 books, 6 each of 15 titles)
Leveled beginning reader books to be used in our classrooms during guided reading.. Beginning readers feature sight word recognition and purposeful decoding with clear photographs and illustrations that offer excellent support for the text.

                   Animals in Danger 6 AID1 $265.00 + $26.50 s&h = TOTAL $291.50
             Oxford Reading Tree Stories $486.00 + $48.60 s&h = TOTAL $534.60

ID NO. 933
MRS. SMITH, Special Education CCR, K-2 Teacher
Phonics Awareness Items
I teach students with a variety of learning disabilities and it is important to have materials that meet their individual developmental needs. The educational items listed target phonemic awareness and phonics skills that are vital to learning how to read. The materials provide hands-on experiences that have been proven to significantly help students with learning disabilities. The centers target specific reading skills that are needed for maximal learning. Students with learning disabilities do not learn the same way typical developing students do so these materials will provide multi-sensory opportunities that increase retention of skills.
                            Literacy Center for Phonemic Awareness Package
                                                                           + $39.04 s&h = TOTAL $546.58

ID NO. 934
MRS. SMITH, Special Education CCR, K-2 Teacher
SRA Developmental 1 Reading Lab
I teach students with a variety of learning disabilities and it is important to have materials that meet their individual developmental needs, but also challenge them to become more independent learners. This reading lab helps students improve their decoding and comprehension skills at their own independent level using step-by-step instruction. I consistently have multiple instructional groups going at one time, so it is important to have a station with educational opportunities that encourages independence. This program is appropriate for Special Education students as well as students who are below grade level and at risk.

                                                        SRA Developmental Reading Lab $907.64
                                                                                 plus shipping and handling

ID NO. 1025
MRS. MORRISON, Speech Teacher
*My School Day Enhanced CD
- teaches children ages 6-12 apropriate interactions and basic classroom social skills.
*Preschool Playtime Volume 2- teaches appropriate peer interactions and play skills for children ages 3-7.
Many students with autism, ADHD and other disabilities have a difficult time with social skills. This negatively impacts their ability to follow the flow of a classroom, to work in small groups and to develop positive peer relationships. These programs use videos of real children to help teach social skills. It has been proven that the use of real people is more effective than cartoon characters in teaching these skills.

Click on CD titles above for websites.
My School Day Enhanced CD $89.99
Preschool Playtime Vol. 2 CD $69.99
plus shipping and handling
ID No. 0928
VersaTiles Level 4 Math Lab and VersaTiles Algebraic Thinking Level 4 Lab
   Level 4 Versa Tiles are self-guided materials will allow differentiation in class for those who need reinforcement and for those who need enrichment in the math curriculum. The Algebraic thinking set will allow us to give the children who need more of a challenge a chance to work at their level objectives and standards.
   Level 4 Math Lab consists of: 40 colorful, non-consummable student activity books (five copies each of eight titles), comprehensive Teacher's Resource Guice and 10 self-correcting answer cases.
   Algebraic Thinking Lab consists of: 25 student activity books (five copies of five titles), comprehensive Teacher's Resource Guide, 5 answer cases and a storage case.
    Level 4 VersaTiles = $350.00
Algebraic Thinking Lab = $216.00

ID No. 0802
MRS. BAAS, Music Teacher
All students at Apex Elementary (kindergarten through 5th grade) use Orff instruments in their music classes. The instruments provide a hands-on experience for learning a range of musical concepts and experiencing various musical activities. Additional mobile stands are needed for existing instruments.

Studio 49 Bass Xylophone
each $1495.00 plus NC sale tax and shipping
(7% o total order)

Orff Instrument Stands
5 @ $265.00 plus NC sales tax and shipping
(7%-9% of total order)
ID No. 0922
MRS. TOTTEN, First Grade Teacher
Link-A-Monkey World Builders - Kids snap together monkeys to spell words on the cards, sequence the alphabet, build words independently and more.
Find & Write Alphabet Cards - Illustrated, write & wipe cards representing different letters plus corresponding words for kids to trace.
12" Magnetic Story Board - Includes 190 words and punctuation marks, plus a guide.
Giant Stencil Box - 36 wipe-clean stencils with over 70 images.
Snap & Play Letter Blocks - Builds words and boosts spelling. Consonants and vowels are color-coded to make word building easier.

For use within our classroom for the "Word Work" portion of our Daily 5 literacy block.
ID No. 0921
MRS. TOTTEN, First Grade Teacher

Story Cube Game - Kids roll the dice and let pictures spark their imagination as they concoct a story that connects the images.
Who'll Be First to Spot It? Game - Fast-paced matching game promoting development of visual perception skills.
Learn-to-Write Megapad - A tactile introduction to writing letters correctly. Using a magnetic stylus, students follow the arrow to trace each letter
ID No. 0916
MRS. MORRISON, Speech Teacher
MagneTalk Match-Up Fantasy Story Adventures
MagneTalk Match-up Around the World

Many students with language disabilities have a difficult time with reading comprehension and vocabulary development. The story kits break down story-retelling to basic elements. The language kits provide manipulatives and activities to increase a student's knowledge of sciend vocabulary words so that he is better able to access the curriculum.
ID No. 0917
MISS MITCHUM, First Grade Teacher
Comprehension Skill Bags for Intervention - Bag 1

The pre-assessment booklet identifies weaknesses and plans instruction. These skill bags include assessments, instructional materials, whole-group and small group activities. First graders need more practice with retelling facts. Click logo below for more information.
ID No. 0915
FIRST GRADE TEACHERS: Bell, Gaffney, Mitchum, Totten and Weitzel
Funds offsetting the cost of the First Grade trip to the North Carolina Zoo.
Many students have dificulty paying for this annual favorite zoo trip. This is a great learning experience. It is a chance for students to study animals in their natural habitats.
ID No. 0912
FIFTH GRADE, Mrs. Bolebruch, Mrs. Hilgers, Mrs. Hoffert & Mrs. Monroe
Sci-Works Museum Field Trip
Apex Elementary's 5th Grade is continuing a tradition of science-based field trips. We are going to Sci-Works, a state-of-the-art science museum in Winston-Salem, NC.

The goal of Sci-Works is to "promote scientific literacy, life-long learning and an appreciation of sciences by providing innovative educational and recreational experiences...through interactive programs and exhibits and unique facilities."

Planetarium: the class will be part of an interactive exploration of the Carolina skies and explore the reason for the seasons.
Sustainable Solutions: students will find out how growing populations and more highly developed lifestyles are altering our environment and what is concerning scientists now.
Space Quest: students will learn about escape velocity and Newton's Laws of Motion, astronauts operating in microgravity, and how the human body reacts in the harsh environment of space.

We will use this field trip experience to review the goals that will be assessed at the end of the year. What a great culmination of our student's elementary school years with this exciting, fun and educational field trip!

We would like your support in covering the cost for students in need of financial support due to family issues.
ID No. 914
MRS. SMITH, Special Needs K-3 Teacher

Lucy Caulkins - Launching a Writer's Workshop Program
The Lucy Caulkins' writing program is ideal for students with learning disabilities because it offers differentiated instruction to meet the individual needs of each of my students. it provides a lot of time to work individually, provides differentiated instruction, and will work in small groups. In addition, most of my students struggle with spelling difficulties, the mechanics and content of writing and this program targets these skills. The program moves students towards independence. It is also crucial for my students to be able to transfer their writing skills and strategies to other subject areas. This program will have an overall positive impact on their academic achievement.

ID No. 1010
EZ Store Privacy Shields
MRS. HALE, 4th Grade

A classroom set of privacy shields would be appreciated for several reasons:
* Help students focus on tas at hand
* Prevent students from being tempted to look at other student's work
* Obtain more accurate data of student abilities/needs.

ID No. 1011
VersaTiles Level 4 Math Lab and VersaTiles Algebraic Thinking Level 4 Lab
MR. FAULHABER, 4th Grade
   Self-guided materials will allow differentiation in class for those who need reinforcement and for those who need enrichment in the math curriculum.
   Level 4 Math Lab consists of: 40 colorful, non-consummable student activity books (five copies each of eight titles), comprehensive Teacher's Resource Guice and 10 self-correcting answer cases.
   Algebraic Thinking Lab consists of: 25 student activity books (five copies of five titles), comprehensive Teacher's Resource Guide, 5 answer cases and a storage case.
ID No. 1009
iTunes Gift Card
   The CCR class would like to purchase an iTunes Gift card in order to download educational applications to use with the new school-based iTouch systems. These systems will be used in small group support classrooms. Most applications cost a fee to download. These applications can be used indefinitely on each iTouch in the school.
   These applications will provide the opportunity for individualized and differentiated instruction to each student's instructional level while providing opportunities for integrating technology and cooperative learning.
  TOTAL REQUEST: iTunes Gift Card $100.00
ID No. 1007
Ellison Die Cut Machine and Accessories

     The staff at Apex Elementary use a die cut machine to produce large quantities of colorful paper letters and shapes.  Using this machine is much more efficient than cutting by hand.  The current machine is 20 years old, and needs to be replaced.  The dies we currently have to cut the shapes will work in the newer model machine, but we would like to purchase some additional ones to reflect the current curriculum.  We also need additional racks to properly store all of the dies we currently have, and any new ones.
     These letters and shapes are used in many ways throughout the school:
          -Visual displays and hands-on activities are essential to teaching young
          -Hallway displays of student work give children a sense of pride in their
          -Cougar Paws are the rewards used in our highly successful Positive
           Behavior System.
ID No. 1006
Educational Insights GeoSafari Laptops, (Ages 8 and Up Edition)
MRS. BAREFOOT/MS. OSBORNE: Third Grade Science Teachers

  You've got the whole world on your lap with GeoSafari Laptop. It's a quiz, it's a game, it's a whole new world of adventure. 63 double-sided cards containing more than 2,000 questions , and allowing for solo or paired learning-based play. Test and strengthen your knowledge of Trivia, Science, History, Wildlife, and Maps.
  The use of GeoSafari in the classroom adds another layer of flexibility for alternative teaching methods. Students are adept at an early age with interactive "hands-on" learning and our classroom should reflect this trend.
  The map skill cards are excellent sources for students to learn U.S. states, map directions, continents and countries. the science cards help students identify constellations, human body systems, plants and soils.
ID No. 1001
MS. MITCHUM, First Grade
These science kits will be a supplement to our current science programs and science kits. These kits engage students with inquiry-based hands-on investigations. Each lesson involves students by moving them through 3 stages of learning: inquiry-directed, guided and independent. Each kit contains hands-on lessons, materials, manipulatives and science journals. These hands-on activities will help to prepare students for the Science EOGs.
ID No. 1002
MS. MITCHUM, First Grade
A set of six science literacy books Each 24-page book explores basic science concepts of water. These books are a good visual to help the first graders to understand our science curriculum about liquids and solids. The books help to support information about our plants and animals that need water to survive. All have wonderful photographs to help the visual learners in our classrooms.
ID No. 1003
MS. MITCHUM, First Grade
My First Reader's Theater Science Set (16 lap books, 96 small student books, teacher's guide, 16 audio CDs, 16 whiteboards)
The Science Book set will be used to teach language arts and science in first grade. The Reader's Theater will develop concepts of print, help the students to make predictions, build sight word vocabulary, improve listening and reading comprehension. These products and books will reinforce the first grade science curriculum including plants, weather and motion. This will be used by all five first grade classes.

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