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Thank you for visiting the Wishlist.
Please consider donating new and gently used items to your favorite
teacher or to the Wishlist in general. Your child may deliver the gift
right to the teacher, or you may drop it in the Wishlist Donation bin in
the school's front office. All donations are greatly appreciated!

denotes WISH has been GRANTED!

Don't forget to check out the PTA Project Sponsor Program
for bigger ideas to help our teachers.

Front Office - Mrs. Oliver
2 pillows for Health Room
Zippered Plastic Covers for pillows

School Library – Ms. Bryant and Mrs. Bacola
PARENT VOLUNTEERS! Please contact Ms. Bryant!
AA/AAA Batteries
Small Post-its
Sanitizing wipes and paper towels
Brightly colored/neon printer paper/card stock
Clear packing tape (for various signage in library)

Music - Mrs. Baas

Art - Mrs. Magarino-Gomez
Clothes (to be cut into strips for weaving/lace)
Mr. Clean Magic Erasers
Ziploc bags, sandwich and large freezer size
Hand sanitizer
Yarn Needles
Yarn, any color
Pink erasers
Embroidery hoops, any size
Plastic bowls, any size

P.E. - Mr. Viau and Mrs. Forsberg

Balloons (not small)
AA batteries for microphone
HP 97 and 96 ink cartridges
Playing cards

AIG - Mrs. Nuckols
Books from Scholastic or Amazon

Kindergarten – Mrs. Carr
Lysol wipes (citrus scent)
Prize box toys
Extra snacks (Cheerios, Goldfish, etc.)
Liquid Laundry Detergent
Rit Dye - 1 bottle each of yellow and brown
Electric Pencil Sharpener
Dry Erase Markers

Kindergarten - Mrs. McLaurin
Skittles - M&Ms - DumDum Lollipops
Brightly colored Sharpies
Papermate Flair Pens, bright colors

Kindergarten - Mrs. Meluch
Small Treasure Box items
1-bucket Sidewalk Chalk
1-box Bandaid brand bandaids
12 pairs of 45" athletic shoelaces (black or white)
5-Orange dry erase markers

Kindergarten - Mrs. Reagan
Rit Dye - 1 pkg. each of Yellow and Brown
Stickers (holiday/seasonal)
Skittles, large bag
Adult size small white t-shirts
Prize Box items
Assorted Buttons
Glue stick

1st Grade - Mrs. Bell
Dry Erase Markers
Smelly stickers (scratch and sniff)
Chutes & Ladders
Juvenile Rug (approx. 2x3)
Prize Box items
Clorox Wipes

1st Grade - Ms. Mitchum

Plastic spoons
Scrabble Tiles (some missing is fine)
Baby Wipes
Ziploc bags, sandwich size
Biscuit books
Dr. Seuss books (The Foot Book & Hop on Pop)
Color/color word books
Zingo word game
Picture dictionary
Scissors, safety

1st Grade - Mrs. Weitzel
Sidewalk chalk
White paper bags
Ziploc bags (sandwich or gallon-size)
Tissue paper (colored or white)
Small pom poms (1/2" especially needed)
Small toys for prize box
Wooden clothespins
Wiggly eyes

2nd Grade - Mrs. Evenhouse
100 piece puzzles
Bags of microwave popcorn for class parties

2nd Grade - Mrs. Huskey

Board games
Colored cardstock
Plastic utensils
Dry erase markers

2nd Grade - Mrs. McKee
Small toys for prize box
Children's magazines
Large white lunch bags w/handles
Large wiggly eyes
Colored pencils
Small pencil sharpeners
Hamster chips/bedding
Colored chalk

2nd Grade - Ms. Robertson

Star Pillow
Large Hot Glue Gun
Curtains for shelves

3rd Grade Team -
   Barefoot, Blackwood, Bolebruch, Little and Nixon
Learning Wrap Ups Math Class Kits
     Multiplication Kit - $269
     Division Kit - $269

3rd Grade - Mrs. Barefoot
Guinea pig food
D batteries

3rd Grade - Mrs. Blackwood
Classroom subscription to:
   Big Back Yard
   Ranger Rick/Ranger Rick Jr.
   National Geographic Kids, Little Kids or Regular
   (If parent wants to share their child's subscription
    that would be great!)

3rd Grade - Mrs. Bolebruch

Colored Pencils

3rd Grade - Mrs. Little
5 pairs of earbuds
Gift cards to used bookstores for book club purchases
Dry erase markers

3rd Grade - Mrs. Nixon
Board games for indoor recess
Colorful Dry Erase markers
Magazine subscriptions for kids

4th Grade Team Wish -
   Mr. Faulhaber, Mrs. Hale, Ms. Lee, Mrs. Rabb and
   Mr. Veeder
Donations of any size to help toward using Social Studies
, a magazine subscription that presents the
  Social Studies curriculum in a much more student-
  friendly way than the textbook.
Donations of any size to help with the cost of our Sound
  to Sea field trip this year.

4th Grade - Mrs. Hale

Prize box items for 4th graders
Books for class library
Board games and Legos for rainy day recess
Colorful post-it note pads

4th Grade - Mrs. Rabb
Post-it notes
Dry erase markers
2014-15 NC Transportation Maps
Several pairs of earbuds
Subscription to Time for Kids - 25 copies, grade 3-4

5th Grade - Ms. Roberts Dudley
Dry erase markers
Prizes for prize box (small toys, etc.)
Ziploc bags (small and large)
PetSmart gift certificate - food for critters
Classroom stool or chair -sits up high

CCR (K-3) - Mrs. Smith
Aquarium vacation feeders (3 & 10 day)
Aquarium filters for 10 gallon tank
Ziploc sandwich bags
Pencil top erasers
60 watt light bulbs
Large glue sticks
Purple and green ink pens

PRE-K - Mrs. Yarbrough
Vacuum Cleaner
Shark Steam Mop
AA/AAA batteries
iTunes gift card for pre-school apps
Jumbo Washable Stamp Pads
Exercise Ball
Little Step-by-Step Communicator
BIGmack Communicator
Large 3-Drawer Cart

Tier II Intervention- Mrs. McPherson
Prize box items (Small toys, kid meal toys)
Gently used books (4 years to 8 years)
Bird seed and suet for feeders

Tier II Intervention - Mrs. Miles
Pencil top erasers
Glue sticks

Tier II Intervention - Mrs. D'Jernes
Student prize box items


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